About Cougar Electronics

Cougar Electronics Corp. was founded in 1968 and bought the General Instrument Selenium Rectifier Division. The company has manufactured Selenium Rectifiers since that time originally in Brooklyn, NY and now in New Haven, CT.

In 1996 my partner and I bought Cougar and in 1998 moved to New Haven, CT. In the beginning we built up our business by diversifying into other manufacturing and distribution of complementary products in the Power and High Voltage areas.

Over the last 18 years we have had to re-invent ourselves many times over due to the ever changing nature of the electronics business. In the beginning a large part of our business was with the Elevator Industry and this is still a part of what we do, but today we service many industrial areas including Transportation, Rail & Bus; Welding Equipment; Oil & Pipeline Protection Equipment; Automation Equipment; Medical Equipment; plus many other high power industrial applications.

In the past few years our biggest growth area has been the building and refurbishing of Power Supplies for the Plating industry. We have built a solid customer base in the Northeast supplying Plating supplies that range from 25amps to 15000amps. The key to this has been our service, quality and delivery which we have accomplished by our well trained and dedicated staff.

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