COUGAR ELECTRONICS has just updated its web site with a brand new area dedicated to pre-owned DC power supply !


  • Plating
  • Metal finishing
  • Surface finishing


Plating tank

Power Supply Rectifier for Plating / caracteristics

Quality and service

Our power supplies are fully refurbished and controlled before shipping.

All our pre-owned equipments come with a 6 month warranty… no surprise !

Enjoy a fast shipping & best value to money investment.

After sale support

Quality of our after sale support has been prooved by 10 years of partnership with our customer base. We are able to repair all the product we sell. We maintain a constant inventory of spare parts like semi-conductors, variac, transformers, meters, shunt, fans…

If you are in a jam, we won’t let you down !


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Power Supply Rectifier for Plating