Power Electronics Assemblies

We do not only supply spare parts but we also build power electronics assemblies based on your specifications. We offer a wide range of services on that field.

High Voltage Power Assemblies

Special high voltage assemblies can be built to customer specifications.

Custom IGBT Inverters & Choppers

Cougar Electronics are able to design and manufacture any type of custom inverters from 1kW to a few MW ! 

Thyristors and diode module rectifier

Discover the single and 3 phase rectifiers we can build, along with custom ones

Thyristors and diode press-pack rectifier

COUGAR ELECTRONICS can design and produce highly efficient rectifiers using module, IGBT or discrete SCR technology.
Our manufacturing capacity goes up to 10,000 Amps.

IGBT inverters and choppers

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Silicon Carbide Assemblies

COUGAR and its mother company ARCEL have been working on SiC technology for many years. We already carry out the series production of Silicon Carbide assemblies which are functional on industrial applications.

Repair & refurbishment for power stack

We are specialized in the production of converters with high technical constraints. We can offer you “Fit-Form-Function” features that replace your current solutions with minimal changes in the installation.