Custom IGBT inverter/chopper

Cougar Electronics is able to design and manufacture any type of inverter or chopper based on IGBT from 1kW to a few MW ! Our technical department can design custom stacks that matches high level of performance and integration. Just contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

COUGAR ELECTRONICS is able to provide any type of inverter following your requirements :

  • 1 phase inverter
  • 3 phases inverter
  • Multilevels inverter

Solid Expertise

Our expertise that goes from the semi-conductor to the driver board allows us to drive up to 4 IGBTs in parallel in order to achieve high current applications. We works for highly challenging applications like renewables and energy storage, defense systems, Navy propulsion and aerospaceā€¦ Making our solutions custom to your needs and easy to integrate into your system is our mission.
Silicon carbide converter 

Dedicated cooling solutions

Thanks to our dedicated cooling solutions, our solutions are generally more compact and lightweight than our competitors. We have solutions for any type of cooling : natural convection / forced convection / water cooling / heat-pipes
Submit us your constraints and your challenging projects, we will be happy to work with you !

An example of our work

Here's an example of custom chopper IGBT stack we do. Converter design is made to be modular and scalable in order to address multiple power level.

Custom IGBT inverter and chopper

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