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  • Insulation by epoxy layers  Pressure from 300 to 4500 daN 
  • Clamped thickness from 10 to 300 mm 
  • Dielectric strength : – 4000 V with single insulation 1 – 6000 V with double insulation 
  • Large range with various fixing centres 78.6 – 102 – 118 – 140 – 180 other : consult us
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  • A regular pressure: a ball inserted under the multiaxial clamp enables to apply a regular force according to the axis of the component. 
  • A precise clamping : a test washer is released when the force is reached. 
  • The variation of the force applied to the component and due to the thermic expansion, is controlled by stacking elastics elements like spring washers. 
  • The standard clamps are defined for a variation of the force of 10% maximum, when correctly used on a power stack.


Clamp W-Type case


Clamp W-Type dimensions

Insulated caracteristics

Clamp W-Type insulated caracteristics


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