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Data warehousing board for drivers, measuring & monitoring

The ARC-MC board is an interface for IGBT or MOSFET drivers which despatches the power supply, control and error signals on 3 independent channels or on a connector which groups all the orders.

In addition to that the ARC-MC board offers a 24V / ±15V – 1.5A adaptation.
The ARC-MC is also a measuring and monitoring board for power systems. It is able to measure up to 7 parameters simultaneously and to release a default in case of unusual operating of the application.

The measured values are following:

  • 1 to 3 temperatures (with the ARCAL-E+3P)
  • 1 to 3 currents (alternating or direct)
  • 1 DC bus voltage

Each default threshold can be inhibited and offers a hysteresis for a better immunity against disturbances. The specifications and the architecture of the ARC-MC make it easy for use in very different applications.

  • DIN41651 connector technology
  • Input: 1 x 26-pin connector
  • Output: 3 x 14-pin connectors or 1 x 26-pin connector
  • 40W power supply
  • Input voltage : 15V to 36V
  • Output voltage : 15V regulated
  • Full compatibility with ARCAL-2106, ARCAL-2315, ARCAL-E+3P and ARCAL-E+boards
  • Measure of 1 to 3 currents, of 1 voltage and of 1 to 4 temperatures
  • Default for temperature overshoot

ARC MC Data Sheet


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