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Data warehousing board (1 to 4 IGBT/MOSFET drivers)

The ARCCENTRA board is a data interface for IGBT and MOSFET drivers which dispatches the power supply, control and error signals from one single connector to 3 or 4 self-functioning channels.

A power supply matching to 15V is also available on the ARCCENTRA, with a power output up to 25W as well as the possibility to drive a fourth driver or a brake. You can also have an input for monitoring and alarm signals (temperature, voltage, current…) to be used with measure devices such as the ARCTU3I board.

  • Connector technology to DIN41651 format
  • Input : 1 x 26-pin connector
  • Output : 4 x 14-pin connectors
  • 1 x 20-pin connector for monitoring and error signals
  • Power supply from 10 to 25W
  • Input voltage 18 to 36V
  • Output voltage : 15V regulated
  • Large range of temperature -40 to +85°C
  • Complete compatibility with ARCAL2106, ARCAL2315 and ARCTU3I boards



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