Athermalu 28mm

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28mm / 1.1″ diameter immersion heater for light metal usage

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The 28mm / 1.1” diameter immersion heater called Athermalu28.

It is composed of an electrical resistance inserted into a high performing electrical insulator conducting heat. These are fitted in a ceramic sheath you can directly immersed into the liquid metal.

It is usually use in light metals industries, with all the attendant advantages over traditional solutions:

  • No energy losses
  • 99% yield
  • Up to 40% energy consumption reduction
  • Accurate ±2°C temperature control
  • No overheating = no dross
  • No metal losses
  • No CO2 emissions, eco friendly
  • Furnace refractory longer lifetime

Heating directly into the heart of metal guaranties an improved metal quality with no overheated areas and nearly no corundum.






Nickel chromium


28mm / 1.1"


10kW **

Power supply

From 220V to 600V

Sheath length (between flange and end)

From 700mm / 27.56" to 1450mm / 57.09"

Maximum heating height

450mm / 17.72" under the flange


Aluminum / Zinc / Magnesium

Average lifetime

Over 13 months

*If your technical specifications are out of scope, please contact us. Our engineering office will study your specifications and can deliver you a special design / prototype.

**It’s an example in specific conditions of use, it will depend on your bath temperature.



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