Supratherm 28mm

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Supratherm heater, with the same electrical and dimensional characteristics as the Athermalu heaters (1,1” / 28mm diameter), presents a 22kW power.

It offers thus a 100% additional power compared with 10kW Athermalu heaters . One achieves a rise in temperature twice to three times quicker, that is to say 185°F /h from 1292°F to 1400°F.

It is composed of a Nickel-Chromium resistance inserted into a high performing insulator conducting heat, the whole is fitted in a ceramic sheath directly immersed into the liquid metal.

In brief, Supratherm heater combines a quick rise in temperature, power, time and money savings and higher productivity.

Resistance Nickel Chromium
Sheath Sialon
Power Up to 22kW
Power supply From 220V mono to 440V 3 phase, up to 600V also available
Heating Length Up to 800mm / 31,5”
Sheath Length Up to 1050mm / 41,3”
Average lifetime Over 13 months


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Datasheet Supratherm 28mm


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