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REM8PTB Remote Control


Model # REM8PTB Remote Controller
REM8PTB has the following features making it ideally suited for controlling the output of one power supply for one plating station.
-Local controls via menu driven backlit 4-Line LCD display and push buttons that exactly emulate the front panel controls of the power supply
-Programmable ramps, amplitude, and time in multiple phases of the process cycle
-Waveform mode provides storage of up to 100 programs.
-Equipped with a complete set of analog and digital inputs & outputs
-Analog Inputs can be used to set the output current & voltage in DC mode
-Outputs can provide feedback of average output current & voltage
-Inputs/Outputs can operate using 0-10V scale or 4-20mA scale
Ten (10) Inputs
Eight (8) Outputs
-Voltage or current mode operation
-Built-in amp-timer with dosing pump output
-Digital Voltage and Current Display
-RS485 connection to the power supply
-Input voltage: 90-240VAC
-Corrosion resistant plastic case
-Size:  9” wide x 5” deep x 12” high
-Wall mountable
-Weight: 1 lb
-Warranty: 2 years

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